On May 12th, 1998, the Landgericht Hamburg ruled that by placing hyperlinks on your web page, you take up responsibility for the contents of the linked page, unless you explicitly dissociate yourself from these contents.

We hereby explicitly dissociate ourselves from whatsoever content there is on the pages linked from here. We explicitly state that we have no access to pages outside of personalstereo.de and dreamersdisease.de, and that we cannot be held responsible for any content found outside of these two domains.

If anyone should find links to illegal contents on these pages, please contact us immediately (info@personalstereo.de) so we can eliminate those links.

Creative Commons License

All music by Personal Stereo is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA Public License.

We strongly encourage everybody to spread our music, play it live, remix it, make a video etc.,
but you'll have to give credits to us. And please let us know about your adaptation of our work.

If you're interested in using our music in a way that is not compatible with the license, please contact us.