...and here it is: our second album Lost In Time!

Personal Stereo: 'Lost In Time' (2013) A never-ending story has finally come to a good end. Our second album Lost In Time is finished! And the wait has definitely been worthwile. The album comes in a beautiful carton case, and it contains eleven songs very much worth listening to. You can buy the CD on Bandcamp or order it directly from us via e-mail.

This project has taken us a lot longer than we thought (slightly more than seven years in the end), so this moment really feels like dusting out the attic. There have been moments when we didn't believe we would ever finish this CD, but we've finally done it! Of course, the album title refers just as much to this odyssey as it does to the song of the same name. Anyway, we're all quite proud of this finished product, and we're hoping to present it live in a few gigs soon, if we can manage to schedule some rehearsals...

(David - June 14th, 2013)

We can still do it after all these years...

Two weeks ago we managed to get together for what was our first rehearsal since the gig in Jena in 2008. It turns out we still remember how to play some of our songs. Here's proof: A video recording of us playing Just Leave (.mp4 - 21.3mb)

(David - October 10th, 2012)

A sign of life

Life has played some tricks on us in the last few years, but we're still determined to finish our second album. And here's a piece of good news: The mixing is almost done! It won't take too much longer now...

(David - September 4th, 2012)

Band weekend and photosession

We rarely get the chance to meet up with all four of us these days, but we managed to do so last weekend. We visited Alex in Dresden, where we had a great lazy afternoon in the park on Saturday, and an equally great photosession in an old house on Sunday. You can see a selection of pictures from this weekend in our gallery.

(David - September 10th, 2011)

CD production update

We've finally completed the cutting and editing of the individual instrument tracks for our upcoming cd (working title: The Eyes Will Tell A Story). Now all we need to find is a good (and not too expensive) sound engineer to mix all the stuff...

(David - January 7th, 2009)

We're back!

After two years of silence, we're back for three gigs:

Friday July 4th:
Zum Falken, Weimar
Thursday July 10th:
Gerber, Weimar
(+ New Economy)
Friday July 11th:
Café Wagner, Jena
(+ Stub Hill Occupants)

Personal Stereo: Demo 2008 We're having a lot of fun rehearsing for these gigs, and we're happy to announce that we have some new material!

There was not much opportunity during these last two years to get on with the band because we were scattered all over the world for the better part of this time, but we did manage to meet every couple of months for a week of working on our upcoming second CD - and on these rare occasions we did indeed manage to write a few new songs. I'm especially happy to see how Lost In Time has turned out; it's definitely one of my favourite Personal Stereo songs.

As a preview to the full album, which will still take a while to complete, we'll be selling a five-track promo EP at the above concerts for a very cheap price.

(David - June 26th, 2008)


Thanks to all who were there at 'Zum Falken' on Saturday! We all enjoyed the evening very much. It was really great to be on stage together again after these couple of months, and we were especially delighted to live premiere three new songs on just one gig!

By the way: I've added the playlists of all our concerts to the website.

(David - June 19th, 2006)

We play!

This is to confirm that we will indeed play at 'Zum Falken' tomorrow. So be there and enjoy this rare chance to hear us!

(David - June 16th, 2006)

Maybe we play...

Alex is visiting Weimar this weekend. So if you're longing to watch us play live, then go to 'Zum Falken' on Saturday (after the football match Italy vs USA). It might well be that we're playing there... we'll confirm it here as soon as we can.

(David - June 14th, 2006)

More to come

We've just started recording our second CD, which we plan to release in the summer. At the moment we cannot say much about it. Just this: We already have a name for it (which we won't give away this early). And we believe our new songs are worth listening to. The CD will definitely sound a bit rougher than Backscale, but don't be afraid, we have not turned into a death metal band (and we never will). If you've been to one of our last concerts, then I guess you should have an idea what I'm talking about...

(David - March 21st, 2006)

A wave of inspiration

Last Sunday, Alex and me went to a concert of Logh from Sweden. Both of us had never heard of that band before, but we were both totally stunned: What an amazing, perfectionist way of playing guitar! We listened to their CD on the way home, and the next afternoon we just had to go songwriting, shaping a new one from scratch to near final state in less than three hours. And yes, you can probably hear Logh's influence, but it definitely still sounds like a song of our own, too. Today we completed the arrangement with the whole band, and we like it a lot. The song is called Disconnected - you can read the lyrics here.

(David - January 15th, 2006)

The silver medal!!!

Nine bands in five hours - what a rush! But it was a great evening, full house, music that rocked (we were the quietest band by far...) and lots of fun. Due to the tight schedule we could only play four songs, but we played them quite well and most people seemed to like it. If we had played a little bit later, people might have been a bit more inclined to dancing, but some did so anyway. and we danced on the stage, too. In the end, we finished 3rd in the audience voting and 1st in the jury voting, so we made it to the 2nd place overall!!!

Thanks to all our friends and fans who were there, and we hope to see you again at one of our next 'real concerts'.

(David - January 8th, 2006)

Band contest next Saturday

On January 7th we'll be playing a band contest at SC Schützengasse, Weimar, starting at 21h. There are 8 bands, and some good prizes to win, such as a recording session... The winner will be chosen by both a jury and the audience. So be there and vote for us!

(David - January 2nd, 2006)

A Happy New Year to all of you!

Thanks once again to all those who were at one of our concerts during the last months, or who supported us in one way or another. We are really glad to see that our music does indeed mean something to other people!

We had a really nice Christmas party in our rehearsal room a week ago, together with a couple of good friends. The party included an inspiring jam session with the emotional highlight of a 10-minute blues with Christian on piano, Alex playing the guitar, former Windowsill singer Sven on bass, our American guest James on drums, and myself playing the saxophone for the first time in ages. Maybe I'll also use that instrument in the band sometime...

(David - December 27th, 2005)

Band T-shirts

Originally designed as birthday presents for Hendrik and Christian, we have decided that our fans also deserve an opportunity to get their own Personal Stereo T-shirt. You can choose between three different designs and loads of colours, so just have a look at our newly opened 'capitalist area'...

(David - December 6th, 2005)

Spontaneous new gig...

Flyer for the gig on December 9th, 2005 We're sorry to announce that there will be no gig at Unikum in Erfurt this week. But instead we'll be playing in Weimar once again: this Friday (December 9th) at Camaeleon (which is in the basement of Neues Museum), at a party which is planned as something like the M18 café going 'abroad' in order not to wake up the neighbours again. Well, we'll see just how loud we are ;-))

(David - December 5th, 2005)

Silent for a while, but now...

Flyer for the gig on November 8th, 2005 Flyer for the gig on November 11th, 2005 ...we're back again with full power. There were holidays to enjoy, and one or two other projects to finish, but now we're all back in Weimar and preparing for the next concerts: SC Schützengasse, Weimar, on Tuesday November 8th, and Café Wagner, Jena, on Friday November 11th (with New Economy). There's more to come, so watch out! And we have some new songs, so be there and listen...

(David - October 12th, 2005)

Air video online

As we promised last thursday at our gig at Kasseturm, we have added the Air video clip from the Britspotting Music Video Challenge to our website.

Here are some screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

'Air' music video

And here's the video itself. You can watch it in the following formats:

(Hendrik - August 23rd, 2005)


...go out to all those who were at our CD release party yesterday! especially to our sound engineer Richard, whom we forgot to mention during the concert. It was a really great evening, we had a lot of fun, and it's always great to be asked for four encores by an audience of more than a hundred ;-)) The last song we played was completely improvised, even Alex' vocals.

Have a look at some photos from this gig here.

(David - July 22nd, 2005)

CD release party moved to July 21st

Flyer for the gig on July 21st, 2005 A while ago I said, 'it was hard to arrange the event' - how true! We've had to move around with the date of our release party once again, hopefully for the last time. The party will now take place on Thursday July 21st at Kasseturm, Weimar, and it is organized in cooperation with the team of backup_festival. new media in film, who are planning to make quite a big thing out of the event.

Flyer for the gig on August 18th, 2005 Apart from this, there's more good news to announce: We'll be supporting Caleidoscope from Hamburg on their visit to Thuringia on August 18th.

(David - July 7th, 2005)

Open air at Greiz cancelled

The 'Rock in der Rampe' open air at Greiz tonight has been cancelled because of rain. Too bad. But there will most probably be another try sometime in August - watch out for the news!

(David - July 1st, 2005)

CD release party in Weimar!

The official Backscale release party will take place at Kasseturm, Weimar, on Saturday July 23rd, 2005.

All our friends kept asking whether we would have a release party sometime soon, so we just had to... Honestly, we wanted this ourselves anyway, but it was hard to arrange the event. But now the time and place are finally set. We're now trying to find another band to support us. More information will be in the gigs section as soon as we have it.

(David - June 22nd, 2005)

New gig

Flyer for the gig on June 30th, 2005 We've just confirmed a gig at Windkanal, Chemnitz, on June 30th.

Since this is the day between the two open air festivals at Bernburg and Greiz, now we have arranged our first real mini-tour: On stage three days in a row! See gigs for more details.

(Hendrik - June 3rd, 2005)

Letting go the brakes...

The first thing: About two weeks ago I wrote lyrics with the above title (see lyrics).

The second thing: Christian returned from the United States one week ago. So now we have an active drummer once again and can really start off. And we will, since we are dying for it!

The third thing: This weekend we did a great trip to Dessau, including a concert at Grüner Baum. it was real fun, with superb weather (we went swimming twice) and a lot of activities. We were even able to have a photo session inside the famous Bauhaus building, which is being renovated at the moment. You can see some impressions in our gallery. 'Can we take the road to where our hopes and dreams meet?' I believe so!

(David - May 31st, 2005)

Personal Stereo proudly present: Backscale

Personal Stereo: 'Backscale' (2005) Our CD is finished! And we have to tell you: It's worth all the work we put into it! Yesterday we got the final version, which you can order via e-mail from now on. The CD contains 11 tracks, including a remix of The Blinding One.

(David - April 27th, 2005)

Britspotting Music Video Challenge results

We just received the results of the Britspotting Music Video Challenge 2005. Both videos with music of ours made it to the final 12, finishing 6th (Can't Remember) and 7th (Air). So I guess both of them will be on the DVD the festival team plan to produce. A pity that we didn't manage to be there for the presentation!

(David - April 26th, 2005)


I've been busy writing new lyrics almost the whole weekend. And Alex kept coming up with at least two new guitar riffs a day, so there is a real lot of new material at hand. But it is still very much unstructured. If we manage to arrange songs out of it before we forget how to play all this stuff, we can produce another CD even before the first one is released ;-)) We'll add the lyrics to the website once the ideas have turned into songs.

(David - April 10th, 2005)

New gig

We'll be playing at the Klosterfest Open Air at Bernburg on June 29th. See gigs for more details.

(David - April 8th, 2005)

Status report Air video shooting

I believe the Air video will be really good. The camera guy (who is also called Hendrik) definitely knows how to produce a film. We're working with reflectors for optimal lighting, and with make-up and hair styling for Alex. All the verses, where Alex sings, have already been shot, and cut as well. This morning we did some scenes with me in it, and I think Alex is in front of the camera right now, in a scene where he is standing high up on an old bridge and playing guitar. In the afternoon we'll do some more scenes with me walking around the streets and so on. I can't wait to see the video!

(Hendrik - March 31st, 2005)

Britspotting Music Video Challenge

The Britspotting Festival team from Berlin have selected two of our songs (Air and Can't Remember) for their music video challenge - among 50 out of 800. This means that filmmakers taking part in the competition will produce video clips for these songs in the coming weeks. We're really looking forward to the results - hopefully we'll like them...

(David - March 14th, 2005)

Our CD Backscale is nearly complete!

The last three songs are currently being mastered by our sound engineer Richard, and the covers are being printed. We'll probably have the finished CD a few weeks from now. Stay tuned!

(David - March 11th, 2005)

Starting to plan our summer tour...

The first two gigs after the CD production have just been confirmed: Saturday May 28th at Dessau, and Friday July 1st at Greiz. Check out the gigs section for more details.

(Hendrik - March 3rd, 2005)


We've finally got our own web domain, just in time for the CD release! You can now reach our website at www.personalstereo.de. We'll be working on the site in the coming weeks, creating a new design and reviewing the contents. You'll see it all here soon.

(David - March 1st, 2005)