Band info:

Personal Stereo - this name stands for four guys who started off as a band in early 2004 during their university studies in Weimar, Germany, and who succeeded in quickly developing their very own sound, catchy yet clearly recognizable, crossing the furrows in the vast field of alternative rock full of confidence.

Personal Stereo's music is personal (as one should guess), emotional, and intense; yet at the same time subtle and very relaxed, characterized by Alex' empathic voice and a distinct feel for the right nuances of mood to suit the respective lyrics. At times they rock with all their might, as in the head-up-hymn Change or in the strongly determined Just Leave, to counter the paralyzing nostalgic attitude of looking back instead of forward. At times they make use of singing guitar and bass lines to create the unique atmosphere of serene melancholy which, in songs like Can't Remember or Lost In Time, renders obsolete any attempt to ask for an absolute meaning. Even the crystal-clear I-want-out statement of Air is wrapped into a floating, dreamy arrangement which reaches the core of today's state of mind much better than the usual impulsive criticism could.

Personal Stereo's second self-produced full-length CD Lost In Time has been released in June 2013.

Some of Personal Stereo's main influences are:
Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M., Foo Fighters, Idlewild, Roman Fischer, Logh.


Alexander Rudolph
vocals, guitar
David Zintl
guitar, bass
Hendrik Schneider
guitar, bass
Christian Schmidt
drums, backing vocals