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...and here it is: our second album Lost In Time!

June 14th, 2013

Personal Stereo: 'Lost In Time' (2013) A never-ending story has finally come to a good end. Our second album Lost In Time is finished! And the wait has definitely been worthwile. The album comes in a beautiful carton case, and it contains eleven songs very much worth listening to. You can buy the CD on Bandcamp or order it directly from us via e-mail.

This project has taken us a lot longer than we thought (slightly more than seven years in the end), so this moment really feels like dusting out the attic. There have been moments when we didn't believe we would ever finish this CD, but we've finally done it! Of course, the album title refers just as much to this odyssey as it does to the song of the same name. Anyway, we're all quite proud of this finished product, and we're hoping to present it live in a few gigs soon, if we can manage to schedule some rehearsals...

We can still do it after all these years...

October 10th, 2012

Two weeks ago we managed to get together for what was our first rehearsal since the gig in Jena in 2008. It turns out we still remember how to play some of our songs. Here's proof: A video recording of us playing Just Leave (.mp4 - 21.3mb)